Creative Workshops for Entrepreneurs

Ok, so you've got a creative idea.

Are you tinkering around with an idea for a product or brand that you'd like to start? Maybe you've grown tired of your 9:5 and want to start a side project to pursue what you're truly passionate about.

Let's bring that idea to life.

I'm currently formulating two group workshops to help you do just that. We'll work to turn that idea into a clear strategy and creative plan. 

Starting a business or creative project on your own can be intimidating and confusing. There's so much to figure out on your own, and it's easy to get overwhelmed and give up.

Rather than figuring it out by trial and error, join a workshop that will fast track your project and give you a clear idea of how to create it. 

These workshops will give you a blueprint to create that project, IRL.

Through these workshops we'll focus in on defining your brand identity, product strategy, and customer experience. Work will be completed independently, through group discussions, and 1-on-1 feedback.

You may be starting a new idea from scratch, or perhaps you're already midway through your entrepreneur and feel your brand and strategy needs a little refining. 

The curriculum will be approachable for entrepreneurs at any stage of the journey. 

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Hi, I'm BK

I am a designer, artist, and entrepreneur based out of Bishop, CA. You may know me as the owner of Tera Kaia Basewear.

If you have a creative project that needs the extra push into success, I can help. From website design to inventory management I've done a lot of adaptive thinking and problem solving in my six years running a business. Tap into the knowledge I've learned along the way to get a head start on your own journey as a creative entrepreneur.

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